Saturday, October 27, 2007

the end....

Optimistic... you will find peace...

Fatalistic.. the end will come

But it doesn't have to be the end to be ok..

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I hate this...

I hate this... I know I said this already. I have to agree on the finishes to a condo which I might end up renting out... Do I spend an extra 1200$ for the cherry wood cabinets and black granite or do I take the standard choice in picture 2.
First the Condo is supposed to be ready in August 2007 then October 2007 then March 2008 now Sept 2008. Now they call me and say I have four days to come and meet them and decide...
How does something get to be so late?
How do I decide?
Opinions are welcome..

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Gore Wins Nobel Peace prize

Huh... did I miss Al's peace initiative? Al is on the environment band wagon but peace? Here is what the committee said...." The Norwegian Nobel Committee stated in its formal citation that Gore is "probably the single individual who has done most to create greater worldwide understanding of the measures that need to be adopted" to reduce the effects of global human-caused climate change. Both recipients were praised for focusing "on the processes and decisions that appear to be necessary to protect the world's future climate, and thereby reduce the future threat to the security of mankind."

No one believes more than I that we need to protect our planet. I am not sold on man made climate change but that doesn't mean that I don't think that we shouldn't protect the planet.
Personally I think that world peace is more important than global warming.

The sad truth is that there probably was not a great peacemaker in the world this year. We are awash in conflicts with no pearson , no jimmy carter and no mahatma ghandi's handy.

I was out enjoying the planet today. It was crisp and clear and peaceful..You wish everyone could have a day like that... and yes Al... in spite of your erroneous reporting-- you can see winter is on its way to Canada at least..

Monday, October 08, 2007

The leafs and life

Yes Hockey season is back. Although I love to play hockey I am also a fan. All my life I have cheered for the Toronto Maple leafs. I remember clearly when they last won the cup in 1967. I always start every season with optimism that they will repeat.

They haven't -- they have good teams but fail in the playoffs or bad teams and don't make it that far. You think one year will be our year but it never seems to work out.

As a leaf fan you have to enjoy the season and each game because or else you will live your life depressed for the last 40 years.

Kind of like life itself. You might want to win the cup every year and believe you can do it but it just doesn't happen that way. Someone has to win but it might not be you. I have to kick myself to enjoy the day or the moment and not to worry too much about winning the cup. If I do it will be grand but having a winning season is good. To wallow in pain because the cup is not won would be a waste of 40 years.

So.. I will exercise tomorrow. I will eat smartly. I will have a couple of conversations with friends. I will do something charitable. and I wont worry that I might still be fat out of shape and not Mother Teresa a year from now. I want to enjoy every moment.

In the meantime lets go leafs...