Thursday, August 16, 2007

Do you Remember When

When I think back to my childhood I can only recall where I was when I received the news of three major world events......

1) I was in my living room in Sudbury when JFK was shot.. (yes 4 years old)

2) I was opening up my bundle of Toronto Globe and Mail papers when the headline "KING SLAIN IN MEMPHIS" leapt out at me. I did wonder who King Slain was but of course Martin Luthor King had been shot in Memphis.

3) I was on a roof about 120th St and about 116th Ave in Edmonton thirty years ago when the news of Elvis's death came over the radio. I was part of a framing crew for TG construction and we were busy putting up the roof trusses and nailing the plywood roofboards on top.

I have no idea why I remember these events so vividly. I was not an Elvis fan. He was before my time. We all knew who he was and maybe out of 50 or 60 LP's I think I had one Elvis. But he was the generation before me. A friend of mine's mother cried all evening. The leader of the framing crew dropped his hammer in shock. To me it was not that big a deal and yet I remember it clearly.

It seems so long ago framing that house. I should try to find it the next time I am in Edmonton. (yes I live a boring life)

Elvis is clearly a marketing genius. In death or in life. If he had lived for another 10 years would Memphis have the tourism it has today with the Graceland magnet or would he just be another tired old ex star still trying to use the magic of mixing to keep it entertaining. Death made him bigger than ever, like a painting growing in value with age.

Back to the basic question---why do we remember what we remember? Its mystery

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

"A Mari usque ad Mare"

yes..from sea to sea.

I love Halifax. Plain and simple - people, architecture, the ocean, the people, the seafood.

I jogged the harbour walk two mornings this week. Completely unlike Hermosa beach in California. at 6 am Hermosa is full of joggers and bikers. At 6 am in the harbour in Halifax- the fog is thick, its quiet, you can hear a fog horn in the far distance occasionally, but there are few people about. two lone joggers in a half an hour.

This is a picture of the fishing harbour at Peggy's cove. I had some time on my hands so I went to eat at the restaurant there. Seafood chowder and fisherman's hash was not exactly diet food but it was tasty and exactly what I was looking for. The best time to go to Peggy's cove is when the wind is up and the waves are crashing. You can have a coffee in the restaurant and see God's wrath all around you beating on the rocks in a never ending battle of forces.

There is something about hanging out by the sea. Looking for the rogue wave that will wipe you off your perch on the rocks.

Its peaceful.