Sunday, May 08, 2005

I needed to have a Guy weekend bad..

Somedays we men just have to be men. We need to fix engines.. play sports.. eat things off the barbeque.. Yesterday was one of those days...Jetski Montego tigershark 1994 has not run in four years.. (yes a uselss waste of money) tires flat on the tailer lights not working.. got the business.. the real deal.. auto parts store.. read the manual.. new battery.. new spark plugs.. and wooom woom woom..the roar in my garage was music to my ears.. Next up the big bike ride.. I have a mountain bike and I was full of myself riding off trail paths ... hoping over small twigs feeling like joe mountain bike man not the fat forty six year old that I am in real life... I crossed one stream,.. no problem.. took the main creek in what I thought was an inch of water.. fell in the middle... fucking cold.. but I felt like a man who is part idiot... steak for dinner.. Now thats a saturday...

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

California dreaming

I am in Oakland this week... just work stuff...when you get off the plane in Sanfransico, if you can stop ans smell the city you realize why it is so expensive the live.. rounded mounds slinking down to water everywhere... sun shining .. wind blowing. The problem is - can you stop and see the flowers growing like a hundred differenet weeds?...the expressways are alive coursing thru the cities full and fast. fast fast fast.. speed limit 65 but you are going 75 around curves and humps to remain safe..

I went to the post office to buy an american money order... the man in front of me looked my age and had not had his hair cut in years... and he smelled.. I tried not to breathe.. I imagined that he was coming to get his welfare check... but he got a phone call in line and whipped out his camera phone... I wonder what his story is..

I am bored... someoen rescue me