Saturday, March 22, 2008

I don't get it........

I sat beside a guy on the plane from Houston to Orlando this week and I confess I really don't understand. He was with his wife and two children on their way to Disneyland

We are talking about the picture of the all american boy- short haircut lean (we Canadians might call it nerdy ) good job in the engineering world, father was a professor of engineering. Obviously successful money not an issue. Blond wife, fit, well behaved kids etc etc

Very "Christian" ... donates money regularly to the homeless shelter. Very republican

Talks about God in his life and how God will show him the way. How much of our destiny is preordained.

Claimed to want to pursue a career in politics.

So I asked him the questions..

So what about immigration? Send them back. Let them apply for citizenship once they are back in Mexico. You can't just let them live here and not pay taxes.

So what about Universal healthcare... It would bankrupt America and run taxes through the roof. Our taxes are too high already.

Soooo.. it just doesn't square with me -- How can the Christian right expouse these things but bypass the love one another theme of Christianity.

In our zest to read the bible do we get bored before the new testament?

Happy Easter.......


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