Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Two more Canadian Soldiers Died Today

Two more Canadian soldiers died in Afghanistan today after six were killed on Easter Sunday.

It was like you could hear our country deflating. I was watching the families of the six from the weekend as they were returned to Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Ontario and other locales. Some were on their second tour, one took a demotion because he wanted to go, one was in the reserves. I know they are professional soldiers and this is their job, what they train for but the tragedy is no less painful.

I am sure all Canadians as themselves today- is it worth it..what are we doing there? Are we being effective? Does the chronically underfunded Canadian army have the best equipment that will keep them from harms way.

The truth is that we do not really get a good idea as to whether our mission of building a new peaceful and just afghan nation is being effective. We get very little news as to how we are doing. We do not really know if we are completing our assignments.

I support a mission of turning Afghanistan from a terrorist haven to a peaceful and just nation. I would pay more in taxes to make sure that the military has the best protection possible.

But I want an honest update-- because eight Canadians in a week is a big price to pay