Monday, September 17, 2007


Ok... I have been busy doing home renovations... tearouts, framing, electrical and plumbing..
One of the highlights of this work is the trip to the dump. Really.. for some reason waking up at 7 on a Saturday and loading the truck with junk and taking it to the dump is somehow a great start to a Saturday. Tim Hortons coffee, the yard cleaned up.. that elusive sense of accomplishment creating a warm feeling.
The dump is interesting... you always see good stuff there... there a couple of cheap pressure washers there almost everytime.. the wood is significant.. one time I could not pass up a wheelbarrow in perfect condition.. You would think that if the city allowed salvage scavengers it would be good all around.. they could rescue good stuff and keep the landfill volume down.
But just smells and the seagulls look on anxiously...
In Calgary the price is obscenely low... 5$ for the first 500lbs... 30$ a ton after that... I can dump a truckload for 5$
It does seem like a waste... good stuff buried.. wood and metal all mixed in and not recycled, methane vented and not collected.
Hockey is getting started..the renovation is just about done... the environment will have to follow that..

Sunday, September 02, 2007


Take note of the picture. The poplars are starting to turn!!!!! I saw two leaves flutter to the ground.

Pond hockey cannot be far away.

Yes of course, it was a glorious day in the mountains today seventy five and clear. And there is no real hint of winter other than a little frost this week.

But there is no mistaking it-- summer is fading and fall is proceeding.

I love to play hockey on a frozen lake or pond more than just about anything. So for me the cool nights are encouraging even if we are still months away.

I shall see if we have a quick winter if concern over global warming cools. I am still undecided on the effect of global warming. I note that we are having a warm summer and the warmest since the 1930's. Sooooooo... what was so special about the 1930's. I know I know... the CO2 content in air is up to the high 379 ppm's... But this encourages plant growth which removes the CO2 from the air.. If I really believed in the effect of global warming I would invest in shipping through the Northwest passage. (Which was completely open this year)

Fall is coming/here lets enjoy it.