Saturday, May 24, 2008

Trenton New Jersey

This week I was in Philadelphia- the city of brotherly love - one of the oldest in America home of the writing of the declaration of Independence and many many other American historical points of interest.

I believe that the American Revolution against the British Empire was inspired by this taxation without representation. While I am sure that there were many other reasons for the resulting carnage I kind of felt like starting a little revolution this week myself for the same reasons.

At around 6 pm I was driving north on a highway toward Newark. There was on and off rain. I see the whirl of flashing police lights behind me so I pull over. I get out of the car (as cars whiz by) and the cop gets out of his car and tells me that I should have stayed in the car because I might get hit..

I say- hey what's the problem- I wasn't speeding - he says you didn't have your lights on.. I said thanks I will turn them on ... I say thanks but he says wait here.. So he writes a ticket. comes to the car and says he is sorry but I should have had my lights on.. says he has been to Calgary... loves the Flyers hates the Flames etc etc.. I say- hey 75% of the cars don't have their lights on and its too early- he says that the statute says that if you need your wipers on - you need your lights on.

I say -- you have to be kidding.. in Canada you would never get such a ticket.. unless you were being an idiot and they were looking for something.. He apologizes and says the only reason he is out there is to find traffic violations. He apologizes twice..

Here is the truth.. its taxation-- he pulled me over because it was a rental and he knows I would never fight it.. He is not proud of it but really he is taxing motorists.

In the end I want my day in court... he ticked off the area where he said conditions were dry... I am thinking of flying back mid June to go to court to save the 54$

Some days we have to stand up and be men. Start the revolution. Fix society!!!


At 5:27 PM, Blogger daisyduke said...

fixing is like a gotta get to the root of it.
the same thing happened to me in Tucumcari New Mexico...well, not the same thing, because it wasn't Newark, or bad weather, but I was going like 4 miles over the limit, in a car with out of state plates.
If I could have managed my day in court, I would have done it. what's a little money when it comes to a matter of principle, anyway?

At 5:35 PM, Blogger Reasonable Female said...

Professional truck drivers run into this all the time. My hubby has taken trips to fight tickets and fines more than once out of principle because it was considered general knowledge that one will not return to fight it. He's won every time. He's had cops write him tickets for someone rear ending him, and had insurance claims against him for again, someone driving into the back of his parked truck. The cops have made it clear that it's best to just pay up. It's bullpucky and sadly practiced damn near everywhere. Can't do it to the locals because they'll throw a hissy fit heard across the city. But the tourists? get 'em and when they complain who cares, who are they to say anything about 'our town'. Go for it HM. Fight Fight Fight.

At 7:04 PM, Blogger Blessed said...

Hi Hockeyman!
Hope you are well.

At 5:06 PM, Blogger Ames said...

What happened? Did you fight it? In NY any little mistake will void the ticket. I don't know if NJ is the same though.

At 5:24 AM, Blogger traveler one said...

ahem... 6 months is a little lonnnnnnggggggg without a few words from you!

At 4:56 PM, Blogger Reasonable Female said...

I agree with Traveller one... ????
where'd you go?

have you seen this:

the 'best' part? The comments. So so many people took the song seriously... even down to the fake newspaper articles...

Yessh people...take a breath.



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