Saturday, December 16, 2006

Its beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

I have taken to humming Christmas carols in public... You would be amazed how many smiles this causes as you walk through the airport. People want to let loose a little and smile. They don't need the shopping - they need the Christmas carols. Yes I know there are non Christians out there but they ought to just go and enjoy it.. like I try to fast at Ramadan.

I was in Chicago this week and I had a headache so I wandered into a Walgreens drug store.. I saw a jazz singer Santa for $9.97... That dude is cool I bought it for my son. he will love it.. Twenty something years old he loves that kind of cheap cheezy stuff. buying good presents brings it on...makes the Christmas spirit boil to the surface... and you start humming...

then I walked out of baggage claim last night and they were stacked up waiting for people off the plane... there were lots of christmas caps on the people waiting and they all smiled when I was singing... its beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. It was hug central...

I walked past all that and got in my truck and drove home happy for the world..

yes its all a little cheezy but the ice is frozen and I will put the blades on and happily shoot a few pucks and feel like the season is upon us.