Saturday, April 18, 2009


The Calgary Flames are down 2-0 in the playoffs. Here in Calgary this is enough to cast a noticable pall on the city.

But its just a game... Yes those faithful readers know I am a Toronto Maple leaf fan but still its just a game..

We collectively are being too serious

The journey is to be enjoyed and I for one am all in favour of being less serious


"We shall never know all the good a simple smile can do."
Mother Teresa

Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring is in the Air

I know... its been a long time since I posted.. So much has happened and yet the important things carry on.

This past weekend I went skiing for the first time all year. What could have been more important these last three months of winter than to experience life on the ski hill -where the scenery buoys you, the cold air refreshes you and that wipe out that you recover from reminds you that there is a lot of living yet .

I aways think that when you drive home from skiing that there ought to have been at least one moment that you were scared or that you thought..why the hell did I come down here. I always want that twinge of fear. I don't always want pain..or the "where did my ski go"

Its all about living.. enjoying life.. I have been committing myself to exercise, driving to do less work for work. Yes...I turned 50... it has been cathartic. Getting ready for the next half century- what do I need to enjoy as much of it as possible... health, money, friends.

so that's the plan

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Trenton New Jersey

This week I was in Philadelphia- the city of brotherly love - one of the oldest in America home of the writing of the declaration of Independence and many many other American historical points of interest.

I believe that the American Revolution against the British Empire was inspired by this taxation without representation. While I am sure that there were many other reasons for the resulting carnage I kind of felt like starting a little revolution this week myself for the same reasons.

At around 6 pm I was driving north on a highway toward Newark. There was on and off rain. I see the whirl of flashing police lights behind me so I pull over. I get out of the car (as cars whiz by) and the cop gets out of his car and tells me that I should have stayed in the car because I might get hit..

I say- hey what's the problem- I wasn't speeding - he says you didn't have your lights on.. I said thanks I will turn them on ... I say thanks but he says wait here.. So he writes a ticket. comes to the car and says he is sorry but I should have had my lights on.. says he has been to Calgary... loves the Flyers hates the Flames etc etc.. I say- hey 75% of the cars don't have their lights on and its too early- he says that the statute says that if you need your wipers on - you need your lights on.

I say -- you have to be kidding.. in Canada you would never get such a ticket.. unless you were being an idiot and they were looking for something.. He apologizes and says the only reason he is out there is to find traffic violations. He apologizes twice..

Here is the truth.. its taxation-- he pulled me over because it was a rental and he knows I would never fight it.. He is not proud of it but really he is taxing motorists.

In the end I want my day in court... he ticked off the area where he said conditions were dry... I am thinking of flying back mid June to go to court to save the 54$

Some days we have to stand up and be men. Start the revolution. Fix society!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Landing on Mars...

Yes... This is a view from the airplane on the way to Rock Springs Wyoming.
It looks like the end of the earth and you wonder who or what would live there... but it is happening city if a little rough on the edges..
Rock Springs is at the southwest corner of Wyoming and is a hub of oil and gas activity.

Friday, April 18, 2008


Ahhhh yess Vacation..... wooohooo... yes blogfans I went.

The boys have been going on golf vacation for 11 years and never invited me before!!!!!!!!! But did I get uppitty, feel left out or whine in any way...nope I was on vacation.

Yes we completed the boy cycle.. we golfed, played poker, drank beer and ate ridiculous food..

We did not chase women as its a pretty tame crowd but it was fun... Scotttsdale arizona sunny hot...cloudless..sunny hot... cloudless.. percitation free..sunny hot...

Lets hope they don't wait 11 years before they invite me again..

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Stole my fish....

Ahh..Florida... the land of sun and sand...
yes I was goofing off down there visiting the folks and I got a couple of hours to go fishing... Of course I had to buy a rod at Kmart... and bait and a a bait bucket... but for 21$ it was fabulous value.. I caught 8 fish most of them small. This one I gave the my good friend the blue heron -the rest I threw back except for the one the pelican stole pretty much out of my hand...
It was great...

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Why why why?

The Toronto Maple Leafs have been eliminated from the playoffs again for the third straight year. It has been 41 years since they last won the Stanley cup. Yet to me, and their fans everywhere, we are not switching teams--- we will continue to love the victories and get a sense of disappointment with the losses.

Maybe its the tribal tendencies coded into my DNA but I can't shake the Leafs. I live in Calgary where the Flames have a much better team than the leafs, better personalities, more exciting playing styles and a much more community minded ownership group. But I can't shake the Leafs-- I have tried but in my heart I want them to win, to beat the Flames, and to have that parade in downtown Toronto.

When I play hockey this Sunday the men in the dressing room will all get after me as they see a Leaf fan as an ideal opportunity to make themselves feel taller...(this is for the odd chance that one of them reads this blog) I will take it with a smile and pine for next year when the Leafs will rise again. I will stomp around and boast that next year we will be back and that we were a playoff team from Christmas on... It will be complete bullsh*t but when you are in the tribe you are in the tribe.

For those who are Leafs fans or for you out there who have backed losers for a long time ...

Have Faith -the Leafs will rise again and once more Lord Stanley`s cup is going to be ours!!!

Go Leafs!